CH Sarajen Da Vinci of Paleeni


Brown Classic Tabby w/ White
DOB:  11-11-16
Sire:  LA SGC/ GC Sarajen Ezra Brooks
Dam:  RW GC Whatatrill Whiskey Neat of Sarajen
Breeder:  Teri Matzkin

Vinnie is a gentle handsome boy with the sweetest personality.  He is a big boy with a beautiful head, heavy boning and a beautiful coat coming in.

Thank you, Teri, for this sweet guy!  

He is negative for the one HCM DNA gene mutation by default. Both parents are negative.

His heart was echoed Jan. 21, 2018 and shows no signs of HCM at this time.
Steven Rosenthal, DVM, DACVIM - Cardiology / William Tyrrell, DVM, DACVIM - Cardiology

He is negative for PK Deficiency.

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