Some of our present and past beloved pets.

Paleeni's Mystique

DOB: 1-6-2008

Stinkpot is such a doll - she has such spunk, character and sweetness all rolled up in one.  She is my constant companion, always 'helping' me with everything.

GC, RW Paleeni's Cory

DOB:  1-6-2008

Cory is a total sweetheart - purrs all the time.  What a love!

Paleeni's Little Bit O Honey

DOB:  4-13-2017

She's just the sweetest!

GC Highlander Joyeux Noelle of Angtini

DOB:  9-15-2012

Peanut is just a sweetheart.  She makes you smile when you see her.  She is a beautiful warm brown classic tabby with amazing pattern.

Thank you to Teresa and Edwin for Peanut.

Angtini's Beamer

DOB: 5-26-2002

Beamer, aka Buggy, is a beautiful warm brown classic tabby. He is such a sweet gentle boy with a huge coat. He has large well set ears, a perfect profile and very nice boning.

Thank you to Linda Komar of Angtini Cattery for Beamer.


PR Blazers Dakota

DOB:  07-04-1999

Dakota is our first Maine Coon. He is a beautiful cold brown mackerel tabby, with a stunning open expression and a feral look. He is very intelligent, loving, confident and playful, always keeping us amazed and entertained.

Thank you to Dianna Jones of Blazers Cattery for this wonderful boy.



GC, GP Angtini's Miss Miata

DOB:  8-30-2004

Pippy is a flashy girl with the sweetest personality.  She is such a Lady, always kind, gentle and elegant.

Thank you, Linda, for my special Pippy Girl.




DOB: 8-1997

Belby is a funny little girl we adopted from the local humane society. She has beautiful green eyes and is very loving and vocal. In the summer she looks like a short haired cat, but in the winter her coat blossoms! We call her a sunflower in the winter because her ruff is so big it surrounds her face like petals on a flower. These two pictures were taken while she was starting to get her winter coat and in full coat.

Blazers Tobin

DOB: 5-29-2001

Tobin, aka BoBo, is also from Dianna Jones. He is a silver classic tabby with massive boning and a gorgeous coat. He is a big, beautiful boy with the tiniest squeak of a meow.

Thanks again to Dianna Jones for Tobin

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